XBOX Live Statistics Errors

The developer is aware of your problems with the login errors on both the BETA and the Paid apps, has changed some of their login processes on their website.  The developer is out of the country right now on vacation, and will now be back for another week.  He will fix the login problems as soon as he returns home. Please have some patience and dont rate the apps bad and make bad comments in the  market.

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  1. Why is the Xbox live statistics BETA app no longer available on the market?

    • Im wanting to kno the same thing! I am disabled and cant get a job so cant afford to buy market apps so this sucks I need a free version. All the others suck or are ugly or dont work at all full of errors.

    • Im going to update the app to match the PRO version and add some advertising. It will be on the market again soon


  2. Is that why the app has disappeared from the market? >.>

  3. Bought spark 360 just to get me through until Nicolas gets back and updates, can’t wait to get back xbox live statistics tho.. its sad to see people rating it poorly and I keep reposting my review explaining dev is away and fix when he gets back.

  4. Glad to know that he didn’t ditch the app! I got a little worried when it disappeared from the Market. :) i’m anxious to get these login errors resolved, tho. None of the other apps even come close to this one…

    • Totally agree, spark 360 is ok and seems reliable but is ugly and limited, xbl statistics all the way for me, spark is just a back up for when Microsoft decide to change the sign in yet again

    • I just returned from my vacation
      I upload the app. It should work fine again

      Nicolas :D

  5. Sorry to hear he is having some login problems with Microsoft changing the login process again.

    I was wondering if the app is compatible with Gingerbread 2.3? I’ve just updated my HTC Desire and when I try to re-download the app it says “The requested item could not be found”.

    I have tried searching for it too but it doesn’t appear in the search results…

    Anyone else having this problem?

  6. Well this is good news. I too was worried when I went to do a re-install and couldn’t seem to find the app on the market place anywhere. I look forward to getting it reloaded back on to my phone once he returns.

  7. WHY did u delete the Beta Free Version? I was using it for awhile and Loved it nd all of a sudden today it stopped worked I looked in the markey and it was gone WTF. I dont have the money to be buying ur pro cuz I woupd if I could. Im disabled with no job so finding a free version that works is gonna be hard now.

    • Im going to update the app to match the PRO version and add some advertising. It will be on the market again soon


      • Oh ok thank you soooo much! I love ur app and cant afford to by anything on the market ads dont bother me as long as they dont get in the way of buttons and such :)

  8. I just returned from my vacations
    I upload the app. It should work fine again


  9. How long do u think it will be before u put the beta free version back on the market. I kno u said ur making it like the pro just with add so take ur time Im just curious.

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